Two Bicester schools have agreed to form a federation.

Governing bodies from The Cooper Secondary School and Glory Farm Primary met separately on May 2 to make the decision following a consultation with parents.

It means the schools will work more closely and have one governing body to run them both.

It will be called Bicester Federation of Learning and comes into force on September 1.

Both school will still have separate budgets and Ofsted inspections.

Glory Farm’s headteacher Paul Ducker said: “We are delighted with the decision.

“Our vision is for The Cooper and Glory Farm Schools Federation to offer an even better learning environment for pupils and students who attend our schools, and for the local community who use the facilities and site.”

Cooper’s head Ben Baxter added: “It makes clear sense on all sorts of levels for us to formalise the close working relationships that have existed between the two schools over the last few years.

“The common aims and principles that exist through each school will still be serving the specific needs of our community.”