Matthew Morrison has revealed he prefers making movies to appearing on TV.

The actor, who made his name playing teacher Mr Schuester in the hit series Glee, plays a dad-to-be in new movie What To Expect When You're Expecting.

And Matthew confessed: "I actually prefer film. I love TV, it's a totally different process, but I like having a beginning, a middle and an end of a story. I can look at a (film) script and say, 'This is where my character starts and this is where my character is going to end up.'

"And with TV, it's open-ended so it just kind of keeps going so you don't really know what to expect. So I kind of enjoy film more."

Matthew said playing expectant parents in the new film, in cinemas from this weekend, didn't make him or co-star Cameron Diaz broody.

"I don't think it really informed how we feel about it - we know what we want with our careers and we know we're going to want to have kids eventually," he added.

"But it was fun to make and told a very human story of the struggles and joys of going through a pregnancy. It was so much fun and we did it all in 10 days."