WHEN top television comedian and devoted husband Dave Thursby dies, he leaves an aching void in the lives of his close companions.

And worse still than just being left bereft, some of them could be out of a job unless the vacuum can be filled by TV show repeats, specials and newspaper stories about the ‘national treasure’ comic.

But as family and friends gather to give Dave a fitting send-off in Eric Chappell’s comedy Wife After Death, it turns out they knew rather less about him than they imagined.

And a series of revelations bring to light some hitherto unknown home truths about the legendary comic.

Abingdon Drama Club’s production of Chappell’s play reveals how the mourners set about exploiting Dave’s legacy for all it’s worth.

Directed by Keith Hales, Terri Kell plays Dave’s fragrant wife, Laura, Jon Crowley takes the role of Dave’s faithful gag writer Harvey Barrett, and the comedian’s agent Kevin Prewitt is played by Lee Orchard.

Making up the cast are Lin Crowley as Harvey’s wife, Vi, Becky Kernutt in the role of Kevin’s wife, Jane, and Lynne Smith as Kay, Dave’s ex-wife from before he achieved fame.

The comedy is being performed at the Unicorn Theatre, Checker Walk, Abingdon, from Wednesday to Saturday, July 11 to 14, at 7.30pm. Tickets at £8 and concessions £7 are available from The Bookstore, in Abbey shopping centre, Abingdon, or can be booked online at www.abingdon-drama-club.com