AN exhibition featuring a painting of a much-loved family pet at W R Harvey & Co (Antiques) Ltd in Witney enjoyed great success.

The Beauty and the Beasts exhibition, included English antique furniture from about 1670 to 1830 and a collection of antique paintings.

Staff said that the exhibition has been very well received, with people from all over the country coming to see the paintings and furniture.

The highlight was the painting, The Blenheim Spaniel, of a King Charles Spaniel bred at Blenheim Palace and painted by George Laporte, animal painter for the King of Hanover.

David Harvey said: “You can tell from the picture this was very much a loved dog because it was wearing a red velvet collar with a gold padlock or clasp.”

The exhibition comes to an end at W R Harvey & Co (Antiques) Ltd, in Corn Street today.