CHANGES are being made to train timetables next month to improve reliability of a key Oxfordshire commuter train.

From Monday, March 4, the 7.15am train from Charlbury to London Paddington will depart three minutes earlier, at 7.12am, and will also leave Hanborough three minutes earlier, at 7.21am, arriving at Oxford at 7.30am. Its departure time from Oxford, at 7.34am, is unchanged.

This service has been cancelled between Charlbury and Oxford several times in recent weeks after delays to other services prevented the empty train reaching Charlbury and it is often delayed at Oxford, with commuters complaining not enough time is allowed for them to board.

In addition, there are changes to the 5.48am train from London to Worcester to ensure it reaches Charlbury on time, clearing the single line to Oxford for the 7.12am departure.

The stop by this train at Radley at 6.48am will be withdrawn and replaced by a service at 6.35am. The Worcester-bound train will then leave Oxford three minutes earlier, at 6.53am, and Hanborough at 7.02am, reaching Charlbury at 7.10am.

Operator First Great Western’s managing director, Mark Hopwood, said: “Due to a number of challenges, performance on our services in this area has not been up to the standard we expect to deliver for our customers.”

Revised timetables are available online at and at staffed stations.