A CARTERTON headteacher has backed the planned changes to school bus transport, saying they could lead to new teachers, curriculum and sixth form.

Headteachers and parents have previously hit out at the plans by Oxfordshire County Council and said they could lead to fewer teachers and schools closing as student numbers fell.

But Carterton Community College headteacher Niall McWilliams has now backed the plans – the first in Oxfordshire to do so.

He said: “The community college has always had to struggle to access resources, gain respect and has had to battle against prejudice.

“All Carterton Community College wants is an equal chance to improve and the new proposals provide one step in the right direction.

“The inequality of ‘catchment areas’ sees numbers of pupils bussed long distances to go to other secondary schools. Such decisions have reduced the resources of the college for more than 25 years.”

Mr McWilliams said the proposals could “potentially” fill the 360 places, allow the school – rated “good” by Ofsted – to employ an additional 10 or 12 teachers, widen the curriculum and create a sixth form.