BIKING enthusiast Nate Robinson was more nervous than his dad Stuart who kept very still as the eight-year-old attempted a daring jump.

He was one of more than 4,000 motorbike fans at the John Wheeler British Bike Night – named after a former organiser of the North Berks Motorcycle Club who died from leukaemia six years ago.

The event, held at the Horse and Harrow pub in West Hagbourne on Tuesday night, saw more than 500 classic bikes on show.

Nate, who has been biking for four years, said: “The evening was good, but I was quite nervous when I jumped over my dad.” He also impressed onlookers by completing a double jump over his dad and friend Dereck Fowler, 32.

Stuart, 46, said: “I was confident when Nate jumped over me because he’s jumped over single people a lot of times even though this was his first double jump.

“The event was a great success.”

John Lightfoot, 75, chairman of NBMC, said: “The whole night was absolutely brilliant and we had more people attend than ever before.

“I got a lot of satisfaction when I saw all the people standing there admiring the bikes and smiling. It makes you feel great.”