ANDREW GRIFFIN is no Frank Abagnale, the legendary conman who was charismatically portrayed by Leonardo Di Caprio in the movie Catch Me If You Can.

Yesterday Griffin was handed a four-year prison sentence after defrauding companies out of £270,000.

The only problem was that Griffin was not in the dock to hear his fate and, unless there has been a dramatic change during the early hours of today, he is not occupying a cell this morning.

Griffin scammed firms out of myriad goods.

He even had a shopping list drawn up that included a touch of liposuction, a blast with a laser to sort his eyes out and a hair transplant.

Some people may have a passing admiration for him, viewing him as a bit of a cheeky wideboy or a Robin Hood figure, since he “only” targeted companies.

But one of these firms has gone bust and others will have been badly affected.

Iffley sculptor David Goode had one piece of art valued at £15,000 taken. Thankfully he's got that back.

There will be some wailing that Griffin was able to flee because he was on bail.

Unfortunately it is no surprise that he was given bail, even though he decided previously to run away while being investigated. 

The view of the magistrates may well have been that his crimes were not of violence and so he presented little threat to the community.

But is it beyond reasonable belief to think that, as he thumbs his nose at our courts, Andrew Griffin is out there fleecing someone else and causing more harm?