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Oxfordshire County Council budget

Last updated:

    Central government has told Oxfordshire County Council to cut its budget by £61m over the next four years.
  • The council has found savings of £64m in its budget which will be discussed by full council at 10am today.
  • This includes a controversial £1.5m cut in homelessness services and cuts in support for charities, theatres and advice centres.


mytaxes 3:54pm Tue 18 Feb 14
So Mrs. Pressel Labour icouncillor is happy that council tax is to be raised, no doubt she can afford it in her multi million pound house, there are others Ms. Pressel who are struggling.
Score: 10
Bon Rurgundy 6:14pm Tue 18 Feb 14
I've had no pay rise for 5 years and these chisellers are happily helping themselves to a bigger cut. Bunch of thieves.
Score: 8
WilburTheDog 11:59pm Sat 22 Feb 14
Unfortunately we voted these scroungers ermm I mean councillors in. Luckily we can vote them out again. I'd love to know why we still have 3 tier local government ? now that would be a good story. Why has oxfordshire got 5 district council and god knows how many town/parish councils as well as OCC. All of them on the take, and all for their own benefit. Also why do we allow the same councillors in to all 3 tiers. They are professional councillors, not councillors for the greater good. Most of the councillors at Cherwell Council I don't trust, Having attended a few planning meetings it reminded me of a kids playground. Just the old boys club, dodgy has hell. Well I say scrap one of the tiers of council we really don't need all 3. Now that would save us a fortune.
Score: 2

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