CINEMA bosses at Wallingford’s Corn Exchange have bought a new digital projector following the success of a £55,000 fundraising appeal.

It will be used for the first time during the Bunkfest festival weekend at the end of the month.

Since 1980, movies have been shown at the Grade II-listed Market Place building, the home of the Sinodun Players drama group.

The cinema, which has 175 seats and attracts about 15,000 visits a year, is the main source of income for the drama group. But 35mm films are being phased out, and manager John Warburton decided it was crucial to buy a digital projector as soon as possible.

Last year thousands of pounds was spent on roof repairs. Mr Warburton, pictured left with the new projector, said: “The fundraising appeal’s success means we will not have to eat into the savings set aside to pay for the upkeep of the building.

“After just three months, the appeal has received donations of over £27,000 from supporters and an application to the EU Leader programme has attracted a £20,000 grant, making a total of over £47,000. It’s great news that the appeal has done so well and we aim to raise the remaining £7,840 before the new system goes live on August 31.”

Donations can be sent to Sinodun Players Digital Cinema Appeal, Corn Exchange, Wallingford, OX10 OEG or online at

Picture: OX53476 Ric Mellis