WALLINGFORD drama group the Sinodun Players has created a space for performers.

The upstairs clubroom at the Corn Exchange is opening as a second acting space and the first show will be Heroes, translated by Tom Stoppard from the original by French dramatist Gérald Sibleyras.

In the play, three old soldiers sit on their retirement home terrace reminiscing and planning a trip. Chairman of trustees John Warburton said: “The space seats about 40 and the entrance is at the side. This enables us to put on smaller plays with small casts we can’t accommodate in the main auditorium and could bring in additional income.”

The three actors in the play are Mike Long, from Didcot, John Smelt from Crowmarsh and Chris Bertrand from Stoke Row. Mr Long said: “Rehearsals have gone well and we’re looking forward to shows in this new space.”

Director Chris Pratt, from Cholsey, added: “It’s an intimate space and a real asset. It gives the audience more choice.”

Heroes performed by the Sinodun Players runs from September 12 to September 15. Tickets cost £8 for the first night and £10 on other nights.

For details, visit cornexchange.org.uk