A WOMAN who grew up is Oxfordshire is expecting a child by a surrogate mother from an Indian “baby factory”.

Dominic and Octavia Orchard went to a clinic in Hyderabad to get round a ban in Britain on commercial surrogacy.

The baby, due at the end of the year, will be theirs biologically, while being born to an impoverished 31-year-old Indian woman “renting out” her womb, according to the Daily Mail.

Mrs Orchard, 34, and her 35-year-old husband have not been told how much the surrogate will make from the £20,000 cost of the treatment.

According to the newspaper the couple live in Hong Kong but intend to return to the UK. It is understood Mrs Orchard grew up in the county and was a former pupil of St Helen and St Katharine School in Abingdon.