AFTER being told he was too large to ride ‘The Incredible Hulk’ ride at Universal Studios in Florida, an Abingdon man is returning to conquer the rollercoaster after shedding an incredible 10st 6lbs and changing his life forever.

Nigel Johnson, 32, tipped the scales at 22st 6lbs when he went on a trip to Las Vegas and Florida in December 2014 to celebrate his 30th birthday.

While in Orlando, he was hoping to enjoy his favourite ride at Universal Studios, The Incredible Hulk, but was too big to ride.

When he got home, he decided to make a change and lost 10st 6lbs between October 2015 and December last year, and says he 'feels more confident and alive' as he prepares to fly out to the US this week and celebrate his success.

Mr Johnson, assistant manager at Boots Opticians in Abingdon, admitted he had a problem with alcohol before his turnaround and has now swapped downing up to four bottles of wine a night for daily 6am gym sessions.

After the death of his mother in March 2014, Nigel began to gain weight from drinking excessively:

He said: “I was always big, but after I lost my mum I used to drink three or four bottles or wine or a bottle of vodka a night and not even consider it getting drunk.”

For the last year, he’s been entirely sober and also quit smoking.

Now, he admits he 'doesn’t have a social life' and is in bed at 8:30 every night and in the gym at six every morning to realise his goals.

He said: “My friends are very understanding, they know that I’m focusing on me for now.”

After looking back at pictures from his trip and seeing his size, Mr Johnson joined the Wantage branch of Weight Watchers.

And after following a plan for four months and then 'doing his own thing' - complete with 'lots and lots' of cardio - the committed fitness convert achieved his goal.

Before he lost the weight, Mr Johnson said he 'ate whatever he wanted. He added: “I knew what calories were, but I didn’t really understand them, I had no idea how many I needed.”

Since his colossal weight loss, Mr Johnson is focusing on building his strength and has gained a stone and a half of muscle from daily work outs and a high-protein diet, despite being vegetarian, which he attributes to lots of protein shakes and Quorn.

Being slimmer also means that he can indulge in his love of fashion more.

He added: “I cried the day I could fit into skinny jeans in a size 32 waist” he said. “I was a size 46 waist before, all the clothes were expensive and so hard to find - now I can mix and match everything.”