A HISTORIC Abingdon street has been covered with Jubilee bunting and Union Flags by its own residents after they claimed it was “ignored” by the council.

Abingdon Town Council has spent about £4,300 on decorations for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this weekend, covering areas like Stratton Way and Ock Street.

But it said it had given East St Helen Street a miss because it could only afford to focus on the town’s main thoroughfares.

Disappointed residents took matters into their own hands and teamed up to fill the street with bunting and balloons to mark the special occasion this weekend.

Richard Howard, of the East St Helen Street Residents’ Association, said: “We wanted to make sure our street was decorated – being one of the most historic and oldest in England.

“We wanted a good show for the Queen.

“Everyone has been rallying around. We are very much all behind it.”

Russ Vernon, 52, delivered flyers to neighbours urging them to hang up the Union Jack on Thursday and by Friday morning the first flags had appeared.

The residents had no specific budget, but people contributed what balloons, bunting or flags they had.

Town mayor Monica Lovatt said: “We did the main thoroughfares but it costs a lot of money.

“But good on the people of East St Helen Street for doing it themselves.”

Katie Nobes, vice-chairman of Abingdon Town Council’s Jubilee committee, said it was great to see people embracing the occasion.