IT WAS a moment to relax after weeks of testing examinations and to say goodbye to friends made over the past five years.

About 100 Year 11 pupils from Bartholomew School, in Eynsham, gathered at the Oxford Centre, in Banbury Road, Summertown, on Friday for their leavers’ ball.

The teenagers arrived in a variety of unusual transport, including vintage cars and miniature bicycles, and enjoyed a three-course meal, formal dancing and a disco.

There were also awards presented for categories such as the dumbest blonde and the biggest lad.

Among those enjoying the event was Natasha Lazarus, 16, from Eynsham.

She said: “It was a really exciting night.

“I didn’t win any awards myself, I just watched and laughed as people received them.

“It was nice to see everyone together for the last time. It made a really good end of the five years.”

The same night, pupils from Fitzharrys School, in Abingdon, found their school hall transformed for their celebration with a glamorous black and white theme.

Oliver Naish arrived on an armchair strapped to the top of a car, while others clubbed together to enjoy the luxury of a ride in classic cars.

Ashleigh Cunningham, 16, from Abingdon, got together with seven of her friends to make an entrance in a stretched limousine.

She said: “It was really good, we all enjoyed ourselves.

“It was quite happy, because it was such a good day but then people are leaving, so it was really sad too, because it was our last day together.”

The teenagers danced to music provided by a DJ and enjoyed a buffet meal.