A PENSIONER has dug in to grow vegetables for his neighbours’ Christmas dinner at a new sheltered housing allotment site.

Friends describe Ron Skinner of Fountain Court sheltered housing complex in Abingdon, as the “driving force” for getting things done in their community.

He has just set up a new residents’ association which has helped create the new allotment at the site.

The 66-year-old, who is chairman of the new residents’ association, said: “We’ve built three raised beds, and one of the managers who has a horse donated some manure, then I planted potatoes, white and purple sprouting broccoli, and lettuce and sprouts.

“We definitely want a few with Christmas dinner.

“I retired a couple of years ago and I wanted to help people get involved a bit more.”

Around 15 residents turned up for the official launch of the residents’ association allotment yesterday.

The residents’ association has already been given £500 by the Oxford Community Foundation for the scheme.

Fellow resident Sheila Merifield, 74, said: “He is brilliant.

“He organises most of the things that happen around here.”

Marian Stanton, another resident of Fountain Court, said: “I haven’t known Ron for a long time but he is definitely the driving force for getting things moving around here.”