THIRTY-thousand people have enjoyed what is believed to be Europe’s oldest street fair this year. Organisers say Michaelmas fair in Abingdon attracted around 15,000 people on both Monday and yesterday.

The Michaelmas fair dates back to the 14th century, and is part of the town charter.

It originally celebrated old Michaelmas day on October 10, the day on which the angel Lucifer was supposedly banished from heaven.

Children enjoyed candy floss, rides on the dodgems, and galloping horses during the two-day event. Bobbi-Ty Wilkins, four, from Abingdon, went on no fewer than 10 rides in three hours.

His mum Amy Bailey, 22, said: “We just went on loads of little rides. He really liked it.

“The Michaelmas fair is nice because it has more of a family feel, it is more for the little ones.

“He basically went on every single ride in three hours. He is only four but he understands numbers.”

Josh Woodley, four, took his mum Michelle Hayter for a spin on the dodgems.

She said: “That is all he was interested in, he is just a crazy little boy.

“It is traditional. Being an Abingdon girl myself, it is something we have always done.

“I thought those days were over, but it looks like I will be going for many years to come.”