RESIDENTS have raised concerns that a nearby housing development will drive more traffic through their village.

Plans for more than 1,800 homes have been approved as an extension of the Ladygrove estate in Didcot.

But the development will include land in nearby Long Wittenham parish.

It will bring Ladygrove to within a mile of Long Wittenham village, raising concerns about more traffic and congestion, which it is claimed could place more strain on Clifton Hampden Bridge.

Long Wittenham Parish Council chairman Gordon Rogers said: “We have no objection in principle to new homes which are desperately needed but in recent years we have seen higher volumes of traffic through the village and it will only get worse as Ladygrove expands over the next 10 years.

“Pollution levels are also a concern for houses and the school along the main High Street.

“We would hope to get developer-funded money to improve traffic calming measures in the village.”

The site is included in the Didcot Garden Town draft delivery plan, which sets out how South Oxfordshire District Council will manage growth.

Head of planning for the district council Adrian Duffield said: “We’re pleased that we’ve been able to approve building work at this site. The development is an important part of our plans for growth in South Oxfordshire.”