A FAMILY of seven have been 'left in limbo' after delays to their new home.

Ross Vanbergen, 29, and fiancee Sarah Dixon, 35, said that buying one of the houses in Didcot's flagship Great Western Park development has turned into a 'nightmare'.

They say they were initially told by developer Miller Homes in March that the new property would be completed between August and September, but have faced repeated delays.

Miller Homes said the couple were informed in August that their house would be ready at the end of October.

But car salesman Mr Vanbergen has refuted this and said they were planning to move in on October 12 and did not hear until a week before that the home would not be ready in time.

The family had to negotiate a last minute extension on their current flat, despite already having given notice, or face homelessness.

The car salesman, who is planning to move from Basingstoke to Didcot, where stage manager Ms Dixon grew up, said: "We have no idea what is going on most of the time.

"The kids are dispersed to friends and family.

"It's very disruptive for everyone at a massive cost and is a logistical nightmare."

The first residents moved into Great Western Park in 2011, with some 3,300 homes to be built on the development by 2026.

Miller Homes is one of many developers involved and is currently building 163 new homes on the site.

In March Mr Vanbergen and Ms Dixon bought a four-bedroom town house with garage in Bradbery Gardens for themselves and five children and stepchildren Archie, four, Daisy, six, Ella ,11, Sam, 13, and Alisha 15 and their pet dog.

The couple's mortgage offer expires in November so further delays could result in the whole sale falling through.

Mr Vanbergen said they have had to rely on second-hand information or talking to builders.

This is denied by Miller Homes who said there 'has been regular contact.'

Mr Vanbergen said: "This is supposed to be the new way of building houses.

"We were going to buy an older property but we thought a new build would be easier but it has just been a nightmare.

"I find it difficult to believe buying a house should be this difficult and stressful."

A crucial safety check on the new home is now set for Friday.

If it passes, the earliest the family could move in is the 27 October.

Spokeswoman for Miller Homes, Marie Dunsmuir, “We did not provide a fixed date for entry as we are unable to do so because delays can occur due to circumstances out of our control and this was explained to the couple when they reserved.

"As a gesture of good will, however, we offered to turf the rear garden and provide additional slabs.

"As has been our approach all along, we would be happy to discuss any concerns they have regarding the purchase of their property with them directly.”