TRUCK Festival farm owner Alan Binning has said 'the show is on' for 2018, despite a slew of problems at this year's event.

Mr Binning, who told this paper last month the festival had become 'too commercial and lost its way' has now said he was being 'pretty uptight'.

His farm in Steventon was left a sea of mud in July by heavy rain, but some traders and revellers said the new organisers Global – who bought the festival last year – should have done more to help, such as scattering more hay to absorb the liquid.

Mr Binning, who has used the festival for the past 20 years to raise money for Didcot Rotary Club, which he is a member of, also said last month that charities' takings were slashed by half.

He said at the time: "The event was spoiled by two things: the weather and commercialism, and I would think very carefully before holding it again."

Asked this week how his farm was recovering and whether he had any more thoughts on Global he said: "We have spoken and amicable arrangements have been made for the recovery of the site.

"The treatment of the site was about weather conditions and new arrangements have been made for next year. The show is on the road."