SHOES shined, school shirts ironed, showing off their uniform that they’ll ‘grow into’, children across the county have headed back to school this week.

Twins Connor and Austin Tritton, four, started at Northbourne CE Primary in Didcot on Thursday.

Their mum Vicky Trafford said the pair were 'equally excited' to start but that she would miss them.

The start of school marks the first time the brothers will be separated, as their parents decided to put them in different classes.

Miss Trafford said she was looking forward to putting her feet up on Thursday but won’t get much rest as she and her partner are in the process of redecorating the twins bedroom and getting an extension on their house to give the boys their own bedrooms.

The night before school started, Connor and Austin were on their best behaviour according to their mum, who said: “They went to bed well for a change, they were brilliant and really good in the morning at getting ready on time.”

Another pair of twins, Frank and Harry Jones, also took their first steps into education this week.

The four-year-old brothers had their first day at Abbey Woods Academy in Berinsfield on Wednesday.

Before school, Frank was very excited but his shyer brother, Harry, was apprehensive.

Mum Donna Jones said: “The pair are really close, but polar opposites.”

Ms Jones, who works part-time at Sainsbury’s, said that it was a saving grace that the twins had each other to rely on.