GREYHOUNDS who have left their racing days behind them have been given a new temporary home in Oxfordshire.

Dog charity Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust (LGT) helped Abingdon man Bob Oakes set up Fairview Kennels in Old London Road, Milton Common.

Now the site has seven retired racing greyhounds, who are staying there before they can find a permanent home.

Mr Oakes, 62, said: "The kennel belonged to a greyhound race trainer who kept it open after the dogs retired.

"Two months ago I approached him to use the space.

"There are now seven greyhounds at the kennel, all retired, all about four years old.

"We have three bitches and four dogs, some black, some mixed, and a Brindle.

"There's more black dogs than any other, they're the hardest to rehome, people find different colours prettier, so there's an imbalance of black dogs."

Mr Oakes, who runs an accountancy practice in Wallingford, added:

"Greyhounds make good pets because they are people-oriented, they require less walking than labradors, they're friendly, they're not the biggest dogs, they're good fun, and they sleep most of the day".

Chairman of LGT, Kevin Stow, said there will be a street collection in January to raise money and promote awareness as well as a chance to meet the greyhounds.

An LGT spokesperson said: "LGT do not usually 'rescue' greyhounds as we deal with many of the very responsible racing owners and trainers who care for their dogs and trust us to find them a loving new pet home.

"We do, however, help various rescue organisations and provide back up for greyhounds they rehome as well as our own".

"All our greyhounds are spayed or castrated, vaccinated up to date and microchipped.

"In addition we provide a collar, lead and coat with all our dogs.

"We ask for a minimum donation of £100.

"We will always home visit any prospective homes.

"Greyhounds make great pets and can live with the elderly, people who work full time providing they can split the day, young children and we often have some that, with training, can live with cats.

"We have the new kennel near Oxford as well as two in Lincolnshire near Gainsborough and Boston."

Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust was set up in December 2000 as a committee dedicated to the rehoming of retired greyhounds.

In May 2004 it became an independent registered charity.

The collections will be held in Oxford city centre on Saturday, January 6 from 10.30am and Mr Stow will be there, with Mr Oakes, to help with the collection.

Collections will also be taken at the Didcot Christmas market on Thursday between 3pm and 7pm in the Broadway and Orchard Centre.

If you would like to know more or want to adopt a greyhound, contact Bob Oakes on 07879 844872.