"WHEN shall we three meet again, in thunder, lightning, or in rain?"

Well, given the reviews of their latest production, hopefully sometime soon.

Special school pupils who performed their own version of Shakespeare's Macbeth were hailed as 'outstanding'.

The 26 students from Fitzwaryn School in Wantage, aged 11 and 14, received a lengthy ovation after their show at Headington School in Oxford on November 9.

The performance was a culmination of a term’s work on Shakespeare’s play and formed part of a schools' Shakespeare festival at the school.

The school's Angie Wilkins said: "The performance was judged to be another outstanding achievement for the school; the pupils were incredibly proud to have received such an overwhelming response and lengthy applause from the audience.

"Matthew, who took the part of Macbeth, said that he really enjoyed playing the part especially the ghost dance.

"Another pupil said that he enjoyed acting and performing in front of an audience."

Festival organisers gave high praise to the students, highlighting the 'great clarity' in story telling, enhanced by the 'creative use of music'.

Two of the pupils who acted in the play have now been chosen to give a short performance at a fund raising evening in December.