A CARE home has been criticised by a watchdog for failing to investigate minor injuries and bruises.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) gave Coxwell Hall Nursing Home and Mews in Faringdon a formal warning notice following an unannounced inspection in April.

It said the 66 residents were “not protected from the risk of abuse” and “reasonable steps” were not taken to identify and prevent abuse.

Of the five care plans it examined, three noted unexplained injuries that were reported by staff but not investigated.

And it said an assault had not been recorded in detail or referred to Oxfordshire County Council as a safeguarding incident.

Residents also did “not have robust behavioural plans” to protect themselves and others.

But there were “comprehensive” safeguarding procedures, it said.

The issue had been addressed by a June follow-up visit to the Fernham Road home, it added.

Spokesman Ian Biggs said: “It is very disappointing that the home was not taking the right steps to make sure that their residents were being adequately protected.”

A spokesman for Sovereign (Coxwell Hall) Ltd said the report had “major inaccuracies” but would not give details because of “confidentiality”.