Police are investigating claims that a teenage boy killed himself after being targeted by online blackmailers, it has been reported.

The 17-year-old, from Fife, is thought to have fallen victim to a scam where internet users are lured into online chats and then blackmailed with the footage.

The teenager is said to have believed he was talking to a girl and took his life on July 15 when he was told the conversations would be shared with friends and family unless he paid up.

It is understood he was sent a message which warned that his life would not be worth living unless he deposited money into a named account.

Police Scotland told the BBC the case was being investigated and urged anyone who feared they were being targeted to contact them.

The case follows that of 14-year-old Hannah Smith in Leicestershire who took her life after she was allegedly bullied online.

The operators of website Ask.fm have been criticised for not doing enough to prevent abuse.