Sir, Like many residents of Didcot, I welcome the decision by the cabinet of South Oxfordshire District Council to set in train plans for a new leisure centre in Didcot.

This is intended both to meet the needs of the town’s additional population and address identified deficits in the existing provision.

The report to cabinet did not name the site but did refer to “the proposed site on the north east Didcot development area”.

What has not been mentioned is whether this new centre will lead to the closure of the existing facilities in the town which are readily accessible to many people by bike or on foot. When I asked the question at the cabinet meeting, I was told that it was too early to say.

In my opinion, it will be a rather mixed blessing for those living south of the railway line, even if access across it is improved, if they lose their local centres and have to trek across to the far side of town.

Eleanor Hards Councillor Didcot Park Ward