Sir, Shirley Wayne rightly complains last week about the over-development of Wantage and the loss of green spaces in the town.

I would like to draw your readers' attention to a rumour of yet another assault on the town, this time by Tesco, which, it is alleged, is wanting to buy St Katharine’s House and Broadway Motors to build a supermarket.

If this is true, my first question would be: Does the town really need another supermarket and would the existing stores all survive if another was built? Second, what would be the effect of all the extra cars and delivery lorries on the already congested roads in the area?

I very much hope that the rumours are untrue and that the owners of St Katharine’s and Broadway Motors will write to your newspaper giving assurances to this effect.

I also hope that, if Tesco is attempting to concrete over and destroy the pleasant heavily wooded site on which St Katharine’s sits, our town and district councillors will fight any application tooth and nail.

Alan F Smith Garston Close Wantage