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Dot Long is a Didcot amateur historian

Dot Long is a Didcot amateur historian

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More memories of vanished Didcot shops

GRAHAM Young, whose memories of Didcot we shared in the Herald last month (August 28), told me how he worked at Thames Valley egg packing as a van driver’s mate, then went onto the Ministry section of the Ordnance Depot before his last job as transport manager at Dunlopillo.

Heralding the Past: The vanished shops of Didcot

FOLLOWING on from the last Didcot history features, 'Emergence of our street for civic amenities and emergency services' ( David Taylor 03/07/19), and 'Shocking moments at the funfair and sunny memories of childhood' (John Rowland 31/07/19), David and I were prompted to ask a Didcot resident, Graham Young – who has been interested in reading the Heralding the Past column – to share the memories of his own childhood, upbringing and working life in Didcot.