RUNNING groups across Oxfordshire say Samsung’s latest advert should be pulled for being “unsafe and thoughtless”.

The clip, which is advertising a fitness watch, shows a young woman going for a run alone in a city centre at 2am.

Samsung aimed to show runners “working to their own schedules” but running groups have hit back to say the advert is “unrealistic”.

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Women's safety group, Reclaim These Streets, also described it as "tone deaf" following the death of Ashling Murphy, a 23-year-old who was murdered in Tullamore, Ireland, earlier this year while on a run.

Nina Sarpong, who started an all-female running group in Wallingford following the murder of Miss Murphy, said the article should “be pulled”.

She said: “I have seen it and thought how stupid it was to promote a lone woman running at night on her own - and with ear buds in – crazy.

Herald Series: (Samsung)(Samsung)

“It is so unsafe. I get the flexibility aspect however I wouldn’t promote women running on their own with earbuds in full stop.

“There is no way that you are fully aware of what is happening around you such as traffic or someone coming up behind you.

“It is definitely not a wise advertisement and it should be pulled.”

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Ros Kelling, who is a running coach and welfare officer for the Banbury Harriers, say she wasn’t upset by the advert but “was surprised”.

She said: “My view was that it wasn’t done on purpose, it wasn’t to encourage you to run in the dark.

“But the advert is thoughtless, not enough thought was put into it. I coach young athletes and I’m very concerned about my female athletes when we run after dark and away from roads.

Herald Series: Runwize group in WallingfordRunwize group in Wallingford

“I’m less conscious about my male athletes which sounds bad but that’s how it is. Woman are more vulnerable.

“So I was surprised by the advert and if there was a call to remove it then I would say it should be pulled.”

Jill Thomas, who runs in the Oxford City Athletics Group, said the advert is “extreme” and she is conscious about running at night.

She said: “I get why people are upset. It’s the extreme of someone running at 2am, I wouldn’t choose to go out at night.

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“Running groups are trying to keep people safe and then Samsung are saying, ‘Don’t worry it’s fine’. It’s a strange one.”

Samsung have said on social media: “We can assure you that the meaning for this advert is for all Galaxy customers/viewers to achieve their health and wellness goals on their own schedules".


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