OXFORD resident Sarah Jordan is launching an ethical underwear business that will help to support poor communities in Africa.

Ms Jordan and her friend Lily Chong are crowdfunding online to raise £20,000 to launch new company Y.O.U, which will sell the underwear.

She was inspired by a trip to Uganda in 2016 where, as part of the Uganda International Marathon volunteering programme, she saw the impact of women and children not having access to underwear.

Ms Jordan said: "We saw this problem ourselves when we were volunteering in local communities as part of the Uganda Marathon.

"We saw women and children who didn't have access to underwear and were therefore excluded from school, work or even their community.

"Underwear is something so simple and something that we take for granted every day but not having access to it actually has a much bigger impact that you think."

"Y.O.U stands for Your Own Underwear as we believe everyone should have exactly that."

Products are made with 100 per cent organic certified cotton and the new business is linking up with Scottish charity Smalls for All, so that every product bought helps to provide underwear for those in need in Africa.

Smalls for All supports vulnerable women and children in Africa, including those living in orphanages, slums, camps and schools. It also supplies underwear to hospitals.

Ms Jordan, who worked for a number of years for Cowley-based charity Oxfam, leading its digital team, added: "We believe that if we all make just a small change we can collectively have a huge impact.

"I’ve always done what I could to tackle inequality wherever it exists.

"It really motivated me when I worked at Oxfam and it’s great to be able to make a difference with my own business now too."

For more information visit youunderwear.com