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Editorial Department

Editor: Samantha Harman
Tel: 01865 425404
Email: :samantha.harman@newsquest.co.uk

Deputy News Editor: Pete Hughes
Tel: 01865 4254422
Email: pete.hughes@oxfordmail.co.uk

News and Web Editor: Pete Grant
Tel: 01865 425500
Email: pgrant@nqo.com

News Desk:
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Tel: 01865 425445
Fax: 01865 425554
Email: news@oxfordmail.co.uk

News Editor: Rebecca Hudson
Tel: 01865 425446
Email: rebecca.hudson@newsquest.co.uk

Sports Editor: Mark Edwards
Tel: 01865 425451
Email: medwards@oxfordmail.co.uk

Features Editor: Tim Hughes
Tel: 01865 425494
Email: thughes@oxfordmail.co.uk

Local Government Reporter:David Lynch
Tel: 01865 425269
Email: david.lynch@newsquest.co.uk

Business Reporter / City Centre Reporter:
Andy French

Tel: 01865 425437
Email: affrench@oxfordmail.co.uk

Headington & Marston Reporter:
Fran Way
Tel: 01865 425484
Email: francesca.way@newsquest.co.uk

Oxford:Rebecca Whittaker
Tel: 01865 425431
Email: rebecca.whittaker@newsquest.co.uk

Health Reporter:
Erin Lyons
Tel: 01865 425430
Email: elyons@nqo.com

Rose Hill & Littlemore Reporter / Education Reporter: Sophie Grubb
Tel: 01865 425429
Email: sophie.grubb@oxfordmail.co.uk

Bicester Reporter: Indya Clayton
Tel: 01865 425426
Email: indya.clayton@newsquest.co.uk

Oxford Reporter: Gergana Krasteva
Tel: 01865 425427
Email: gergana.krasteva@newsquest.co.uk

Witney reporter:Liam Rice
Tel: 01865 425344
Email: liam.rice@newsquest.co.uk

Newspaper Sales Department

Tel: 01865 425282
Email: subscriptions@nqo.com
Web Page: oxfordmail.co.uk/subscribe/

Home Delivery
Tel: 01865 425282
Email: directdelivery@nqo.com
Web Page:

Publishing Manager: Tom Mitchell
Tel: 01865 425377
Email: tom.mitchell@nqo.com
Newspaper Sales Manager: Eddie Denton
Tel: 01865 425375
Email: edenton@nqo.com
Promotions & Marketing Manager: Jo Coady
Tel: 01865 425521
Email: jo.coady@nqo.com

Advertising Department

Group Advertising Manager: Shane Harding
Tel: 01865 425493
Email: shane.harding@nqo.com
General Advertising
Tel: 01865 420420
Email: advertising@nqo.com
Motors Advertising
Tel: 01865 425306
Email: motors.operations@nqo.com
Property Advertising
Tel: 01865 425262
Email: property.advertising@nqo.com
Leaflets: Claire Kiernan
Tel: 01865 425371
Email: leaflets@nqo.com
Recruitment Advertising
Tel: 01865 425300
Email: recruitment@nqo.com
Classified Manager: Kristy Jones
Tel: 01865 425365
Email: kjones@nqo.com
Entertainments Advertising
Tel: 01865 425301
Email: entertainments@nqo.com
Sales & Services
Tel: 01865 420420
Email: services@nqo.com
Education Advertising: Ravinder Pal
Tel: 01865 425467
Email: education.advertising@nqo.com
Tel: 01865 425301
Email: auctions@nqo.com
Reception Advertising: Family Announcements,
Motorspots & Private For Sale Advertising
Tel: 01865 420420
Email: reception@nqo.com
Display Advertising Manager: Lisa Sheikh
Tel: 01865 425320
Email: lisa.sheikh@nqo.com
Retail Advertising
Tel: 01865 425262
Email: retailteam@nqo.com
Retail Agencies
Tel: 01865 425262
Email: retail.agencies@nqo.com
Features & Supplements
Tel: 01865 425320
Email: localfeatures@nqo.com
Limited Edition Magazine: Sarah Branch
Tel: 07557 319338
Email: advertising.limitededition@nqo.com
In Business Magazine: Simon Melia
Tel: 07500 799596
Email: advertising.inbusiness@nqo.com
Website Support: Digital Media Team
Email: digital.media@nqo.com
Online Events - Queries & Amendments
Email: digital.media@nqo.com

Complaints – Who To Contact

The Oxford Mail is regulated by the Independent Press Standards Organisation and we seek to abide by the Editors’ Code which is enforced by IPSO. The Code is available here. Details of IPSO can be found at www.ipso.co.uk.

Complaints and requests for editorial corrections or clarifications should be referred to the editor in the first instance, who can be contacted as follows: editor@oxfordmail.co.uk. It is essential that your email is headed “Complaint” in the subject line and contains the following information:

• your name, postal address, email address and telephone number.

• title of the publication concerned;

• date of publication;

• page number or website page address (or a copy of the story); and

• details of the complaint.

We may ask for more detail, but once the full details have been established, we will try to resolve any complaint brought under the Editors’ Code within 28 days. If you are dissatisfied with our answer, you may then refer the matter to IPSO.

For complaints about non-editorial third party comments on website articles you should always use the “report this post” function next to the comment.