Performaze is a dance school founded in 1995 that has built a nurturing, lovely community consisting of over 100 pupils all united by a passion for dance. I've personally been at performaze for 13 years and have the pleasure of not only developing my dance skills, but also finding meaningful friends with fellow dancers and teachers alike throughout my entire childhood. I am grateful to be able to write about Performanze and highlight such a positive aspect of my life in hopes to spread that sense of warmthness I've been lucky to be apart of.

Jill Burnett, a classical teacher at Performanze, has says she loves "seeing progression and improvement" in her pupils and finds her job "rewarding and something she looks forward to every Saturday". She particulary enjoys teaching her younger students around the ages of 5-6, as a mother herself she loves the idea that she's helping a child and their family create meaningful memories as well as shaping somebody into a beautiful dancer. 

Companies like this that provide opportunities for children and teenagers is an enrichment too easy to gloss over and taken for granted, but is important to recognise and appreciate. Rosie Baker, the principle of Performanze, has opened up chances for her dancers to perform at star-powered places such as the Royal Albert Hall, Blackpool Tower, Her Majesty's Theatre and countless others.

Even during the COVID pandemic zoom classes were held with exciting workshops and regular conditioning sessions, making sure that everybody stayed fit and connected with each other. 

Having a local, tight-knit community like Performanze leads to their dancers being ever caring, kind and vibrant whether in or out of the dance studio. The sense of friendship that has built up makes each session not just about the sensation of dance itself but also a lovely social aspect to a young persons life.