LITTLE Milton is perhaps lesser-known in the culinary world than the neighbouring village of Great Milton, home to Raymond Blanc's prestigious restaurant at Le Manoir.

Though it may not claim the same gastronomic prestige or any Michelin stars, The Lamb Inn earned its own celebrity status last year when it provided the backdrop for David Beckham's GQ magazine photoshoot.

Tom and I thought it a good idea to pop by on bank holiday Monday, when faced with little else to eat in the post-Christmas lull than (another) box of Quality Street.

It is empty other than bar staff when we walk in, though they give us a cheery welcome and switch on some music to make up for the lack of chatter.

We choose to sit next to the sizzling wood burner, as warming as the restaurant decor which reminds me of my grandmother's old living room - dark green carpets, floral curtains and a smattering of ceramic nick-nacks.

Our friendly waiter introduces himself as Adam and props up the specials board on the next table for us to scan.

The menu combines staple pub grub with more imaginative dishes, including my order of butternut squash, beetroot and goats' cheese cakes (£11.95).

Being the only diners here might dull down the atmosphere, but it does mean the food arrives quickly.

The piping-hot patties have the consistency of fishcakes; a crisp outer shell with a delicious mush of vegetables inside.

All three ingredients have strong earthy flavours that could have clashed but instead compliment each other.

They are joined on the plate by a pot of garlic mayonnaise, chips and a tasty salad drizzled with what seems to be honey and mustard dressing.

Tom allows me a measly bite of his game pie (£12.95), packed with flavoursome meat and root vegetables.

My only complaint would be the lack of pastry, which sits on top of the filling but not around the sides - making it more of a casserole in my opinion, but perhaps I am just greedy.

For those looking for somewhere cosier and less costly than Le Manoir, you could do a lot worse than stop for a meal here.

The Lamb Inn, High Street, Little Milton, 01844 279527.