MY cheeks are red with relief as I scurry into The Sweet Olive, having spent the past 20 minutes lost and panicking in a country lane round the corner.

Without phone signal or satellite service in the pitch darkness, unforgivably late to a birthday meal, I was forced to approach a real-life person for directions. Thank you, that man.

After profuse apologies to my friend I make a beeline for the menu and - more importantly - a glass of Sauvignon blanc (£5.10).

Several options tempt me but none more so than the king scallops (£19.95), which I order alongside Bex's choice of sea bream with chorizo gnocchi (£18.95).

As my stress subsides I finally take in my surroundings: the pub is small and homely with a large window at our end and a crackling fire at the other.

A wooden wall partition has been quirkily crafted with what looks like champagne crates, each one bearing the name of a different brand, while the angles of the wall are accentuated with strings of tiny white lights.

The star of the pub's beauty, though, has to be the food.

My main course resembles a garden flowerbed - a shock of green pea purée with deep-fried samphire like blades of grass; charred scallops like a trail of pebbles and even a sprinkling of edible daisies.

The scallops are crisp and smoky on the outside and soft and sweet in the middle. Every element on the plate compliments them perfectly without overpowering their subtle flavour, from the pomegranate seeds to the parsnip puree and crumbs of crisp prosciutto.

I try to cram a little bit of everything onto each forkful.

From the look of other food being carried out from the kitchen, it seems the same standard is upheld for every dish on the menu.

I imagine some people might find the portion size too dainty, but for me it was just the right amount.

Admittedly the place is pricier than your average boozer, so much so that we reluctantly decline pudding menus, but the quality of the food merits it.

I will definitely be coming back for more - but might bring a map with me next time.

The Sweet Olive, Baker Street, Aston Tirrold, 01235 851272.