WHILE food at The Flowing Well is more than enough to impress - it’s the setting that’s likely to keep you coming back for more.

A large pub tucked away in a circle of trees and greenery in Sunningwell, near Abingdon, The Flowing Well offers a fine mixed menu and a wide drinks selection.

But the biggest draw of this rural pub is its stunning outdoor area which provides a perfect place to spend some time on a hot summer’s day.

Drifting into the pub during the recent humid heatwave the country has endured, it was nice to know that The Flowing Well offers both places to bask and avoid the sweltering heat.

The interior is spacious, airy and classy without being off putting, while the outside seems almost equally vast and offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

When I was there, the pub, which was named after the source of the stream which flows into the pond opposite the village’s church, was fairly busy - full of families with young children, groups of friends and couples. And yet, never was there a moment where the level of conversation became irritating or the hubbub became overbearing.

When it comes to food, The Flowing Well has a nice selection of traditional pub food and more unique offerings.

One the one hand there are dishes like ‘proper homemade pie’ and ham egg and chips, while you can also get an all-American feast of ribs and wings or an ‘atomic cow’ burger, which includes jalapenos, chorizo and Scotch bonnet sauce.

Though tempted by these meaty options, the day’s weather led me to go for a lighter option: a calamari and bacon Caesar salad (£13).

The menu promises ‘lightly-dusted fried calamari, garlic croutons, bacon strips, Caesar dressing and parmesan shavings’.

It arrived at an almost unsettling speed, practically appearing at my table while I was still ordering it, but after a few bites any concern alleviated.

The calamari struck a good balance in terms of its texture: chewy without being rubbery. All the other flavours complemented each other well and, coupled with a lager, it was a great choice for a sunny day.

Though tucked away in a quiet village, The Flowing Well has a lot going for it - a menu mixing the best of traditional pub food with some more modern additions, friendly staff, a pleasant atmosphere and a setting that makes it the ideal location fora bite to eat with friends this summer.