OUR plan might have slightly backfired, but why let a bit of rain ruin your dinner.

You see there is one thing you can guarantee in Abingdon – when the sun is out, the Nags Head will be heaving.

The picturesque pub, located on the banks of the River Thames, rarely has an outside table free when temperatures rise.

Therefore, we devised a cunning plan.

We decided to pay a visit on a gloomier night, banking on there being plenty of vacant seats in their extensive garden area so that we were still able to take advantage of their outside bar.

It worked a treat. At first.

I phoned in advance to check the garden kitchen was open and although the answer to that was ‘yes’, I was told they do not reserve any outside tables.

That would not be a problem as I was very confident an overcast Thursday evening would not attract masses of people.

My theory was correct, and although probably half the garden was occupied, we found a table within sufficient distance of an outdoor heater, and then headed to the bar.

I thought the prices were slightly on the expensive side, but nonetheless we ordered a Nags Head special burger (£13.50), pepperoni pizza (£14) and a side order of chips (£3.95) which were washed down with a pink of Heineken (£4.60) and a medium glass of wine (£5).

The burger was well presented, succulent and bursting with flavour, but while we were busy examining it, disaster struck.

From nowhere, the heavens opened and large drops of rain splattered our food.

We quickly collected our plates and joined several others in darting for cover underneath one of the giant umbrellas.

Despite our speed, we were forced to sit on a table that was only partly protected. We decided to save the food though – that remained dry while we got wetter and wetter.

Luckily, after a couple of minutes some other diners decided to move inside, enabling us to switch tables once again and carry on eating.

I am happy to give the restaurant the benefit of the doubt though, as when we finally got round to cutting the pizza, the middle was slightly soggy.

But maybe blame the weather rather than the chef.

After we had struggled to finish our large plates of food, it was pointed out to me that maybe next time we should avoid trying to concoct a devious plan and just join the rest of Abingdon in dropping in when the sun is out.

We may not get a table, but we will hopefully not get wet – I’ll just make sure I’m not sat too close to the river to help eliminate that particular possibility.