Doctor Who stars Christopher Eccleston and Jodie Whittaker have joined forces to issue an appeal for donations to support intensive care workers.

The pair are joined by Made In Chelsea star Jamie Laing and Professor Hugh Montgomery of the ICU at University College Hospital in the video appeal.

Money raised will go to the Intensive Care Society, which supports the needs and mental wellbeing of ICU staff, with more than £65,000 already donated.

In home recordings, the group say: “I’m making an appeal on behalf of intensive healthcare workers because over 11% that are diagnosed with Covid-19 will need intensive care support.

“We are going to need the people that work in these units, so they need our support now.

“They’re knowingly putting their lives at risk every single day to save our lives and our loved ones during this unprecedented time.”

Professor Montgomery adds: “This whole pandemic is about nothing but intensive care.

“It’s the only thing. If it wasn’t about intensive care, no one would be doing anything at all about this.

“The only thing that can save a life at the moment, if you are critically unwell, is intensive care. If we are overrun, we won’t be able to do that.”

Donations can be made at