Artists in South Oxfordshire are preparing to open up their studios, homes or exhibition spaces to members of the public this week.

They will be showcasing their work and methods as part of the annual Oxfordshire Artweeks festival.

Taking place in May, the first week of the month focused on artists in North Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds and the second on Oxford, while the third will feature South Oxfordshire artists.

Everyone from casual onlookers to avid collectors can visit them, with a host of venues open this weekend.

Musician and potter Charlotte Storrs is looking forward to welcoming people to her own garden in Culham, where she makes functional stoneware.

Her bowls, flowerpots and other creations have been sold at Fortnum & Mason and Liberty department stores in London.

She said: “I use a white glaze and ceramic rollers.

“I’m passionate about working on the wheel. I only throw on a wheel because it’s so much fun.

“I work in our garden, which is a very peaceful place. It’s absolutely superb at this time of year.

“My husband grows veggies and we have a hydroponic greenhouse. There’s a lot to see.”

Her garden will be open on Saturday and Sunday, plus Saturday-Monday, May 23-25, from 12-6pm.

Meanwhile, painter Robert Strange, from Harwell, is celebrating after one of his creations was used for the front of the South Oxfordshire trail map. Formerly an art teacher, he retired two years ago to concentrate fully on his own work.

Lush green paintings of Oxfordshire landscapes form just some of his output.

What Mr Strange is better known for is his bright renderings of ties, cards, Christmas wrapping paper and other ephemera scrunched into boxes.

His dice image graces the cover of the guidebook and hangs alongside others on the bridge by Oxford railway station.

He said: “They’re very popular. The paintings take about three to four hours but those drawings take up to 120 hours.

“I did Artweeks for the first time last year and it was very successful. It gave you confidence.”

He added that Artweeks was about more than just the works on display but also about community.

He said: “You don’t realise there are people working down the street from you, in their back bedrooms. You don’t realise these people are artists.”

Venues are open on different days and times. For a full line-up of exhibiting artists, plus details of the different locations and opening times, see