ARTIST Robert Strange has launched an unusual new exhibition, making the most of everyday objects people throw away.

One man’s junk is another person’s treasure and Mr Strange has focused on finding beauty in the 21st-century’s disposable culture in his show at Didcot’s Cornerstone Arts Centre.

During his childhood Mr Strange kept scrapbooks and diaries of thoughts, which led to a fascination with collecting objects from these experiences.

A spokesman for the Cornerstone Arts Centre said: “From dice to plastic cracker toys, the colourful show features detailed drawings alongside paintings, prints and photographs of everyday familiar items.”

Mr Strange, who works from a studio in Harwell, said: “It is great to see children engaged in my artwork, as I hoped.”

People were able to meet the artist at the arts centre, in Station Road, last Saturday, when there were activities put on for children to enjoy.

The exhibition, entitled Collecting Art, runs until February 21. See