IRON Age jewellery, Anglo Saxon artefacts and Roman coins are among the unearthed treasures that have gone on display at the Vale and Downland Museum in Wantage.

The Church Street museum is showing off a haul from more than a decade of archaeological excavations after investigations discovered an ancient temple site in Marcham.

The site produced thousands of artefacts, which the museum dubbed “Gifts to the Gods” for the exhibition.

Curator Suzie Tilbury donned white gloves to show off some of the artefacts including a cattle skull from the Roman period.

Other pieces include beads and jewellery from the Iron Age, coins from the Iron Age and fragments of pots with intricate detailing.

Pieces that are findings and artefacts as part of a community archaeology project on Trendles Field, Marcham.

The project discovered evidence of ritual and religious practices beginning in the Iron Age and continuing into the Roman period when a temple and semi-amphitheatre were constructed.

The Gifts to the Gods exhibition is open to visitors now and will run until Saturday, March 5, between 9am and noon.

Entry to the museum is free but visitors are asked to consider, making a donation towards the running of the museum to the box provided.