THIS jelly can be made with any of the summer fruits now in season, but tastes particularly good with fresh raspberries.

The reason why the recipe calls for jelly to be added in two goes is to ensure that the fruit stays at the bottom of the glass.

If you add all the jelly liquid at once, the fruit will rise to the surface and stay there.

Please don't be tempted to use raspberries you find in supermarkets - raspberries need to be eaten within 24 hours of picking. Fail to do that and you may well discover that the berries at the bottom of the box are already going mouldy.

Get your raspberries from a local farm shop or pick your own, so they have been harvested the day you take them home.

To make enough to fill eight wine glasses, you will need: One bottle of rosé wine Half-pint (300ml) cranberry juice 5 tspns powdered gelatine 10oz (300g) freshly harvested raspberries Method: Pour the wine into a large bowl Pour quarter of the cranberry juice into a small saucepan and scatter the gelatine powder over the top, then give the powder a minute or two to soak in Heat the cranberry juice and gelatine up very slowly, stirring now and again until the powder has dissolved completely Remove from the heat Add the remaining cranberry juice to this mix, then stir in the wine and allow to cool Divide the raspberries between the eight glasses and half-fill with the jelly mixture Leave this mix to set in the glasses before adding the rest of the liquid. This ensures the fruit does not float to the top of the glass When the jelly in the glass is set, test the remaining jelly, which may need warming just a little if it has also begun to set. However, avoid warming it above blood temperature as it may melt the jelly in the glasses Top up the glasses with the jelly and allow about four hours for the jelly to set Serve chilled as they are, or with a raspberry garnish.