THE word ‘hangry’ was added to the online Oxford dictionary in 2015, defined as: “Bad-tempered or irritable as a result of hunger.”

It is fair to say Tom and I are intensely hangry on this drizzly Monday evening; mainly the result of running hugely late.

By the time we arrive at the Shillingford Bridge Hotel, situated next to the River Thames, it is nearing 8.45pm.

The black water glints prettily in the dark, but we are too preoccupied to appreciate it.

We had rang ahead to check they were still serving food, so the receptionist greets us with vague familiarity.

She explains the restaurant is no longer open but points to the bar area, where the same menu is served.

We take a table in the empty room and wait for someone to materialise, helping ourselves to menus when no-one appears.

After I walk back to reception and ask for help, a waiter strides over to the bar.

“Hello, are we alright to order some food? Sorry”, I say, aware we are ‘those customers’ who turn up just as staff are winding down.

“If you are quick”, is his snappy response.

I order a beef burger for myself and braised beef with mushrooms for Tom (each £12).

A pint of diet coke and glass of tomato juice takes our total to £29.20.

The bar area could be cosy - interesting wood sculptures and wall pictures adorn the room, with red and gold rugs decorating the tiled floor and inviting leather chairs tucked into a corner.

It is a shame that the atmosphere is non-existent, though no doubt that is largely our fault for turning up late on a Monday night.

The room is deadly silent, so much so that we feel obliged to talk in hushed tones.

A large television is on, but has been muted. The only reassuring sign of life is the whoosh of traffic as it passes the window.

About 25 minutes later, concerned we had been forgotten about, our food arrives.

I am pleasantly surprised with the presentation, and hopeful that the food will taste as good as it looks.

I feared the chips would be soggy at this hour, but they are well-seasoned and moreish.

The burger itself is a generous stack of beef, bacon, cheese, tomato and gherkin, piled between brioche bun halves.

It satisfies my appetite but the meat itself is of poorer quality than others I have eaten in the same price range.

We leave cured of hanger but feeling somewhat subdued.

Shillingford Bridge Hotel, Shillingford Hill, Wallingford, 01865 858567.