WALKING into the Waggon and Horses in Southmoor is like walking into a friend's living room.

It may not be the the epitome of sophisticated elegance or some futuristic hipster hotspot, but its quaint slapdash charm is what gives its appeal.

The pub is the kind of place where everyone seems to be a regular - but without the accompanying sense of unwelcome.

When I went and sat down, joined by my girlfriend Zoë, I was perched between a Christmas tree and a TV playing darts.

I'm not particularly a fan of darts but for some reason I find it hard to imagine a cosier image than that.

As well as the tree there was tinsel pinned, seemingly at random, across the ceiling.

Again, all this seemed to do was enhance the warm and familial atmosphere.

The menu, as one would expect, was rife with classic pub grub.

It did not span across a dozen pages or try to overreach itself with the selected dishes.

There was, instead, a few curries, a couple of fish dishes, burgers, chicken and lasagne.

I opted for the Whittby whole tail scampi (£10.95) while Zoë went for the chicken tikka masala (£9.95)

What followed was probably my only issue of the night: the wait.

It was not outlandish but the food did take about 45 minutes to get to us, which is still, in my opinion, on the 'too long' scale - even if at the low end.

However, much of the frustration with the wait was forgiven when the food arrived. I had been expecting something rather basic but the meals, while relatively simple in their format, seemed to go a bit further than the average pub grub.

The scampi, coupled with tartar sauce was incredibly tasty, but the chips were the real winner on the plate.

They were huge chunky things with a remarkably crispy coating. I don't know what it is they did to them but I've never seen chips like them and they get a big thumbs up from me.

I can be a bit wary of curries from a pub but I was pleasantly surprised when sampling Zoë's dish.

The flavour of the curry itself was very well composed and it was nicely presented with naan, rice and poppadoms on the side.

The Waggon and Horses is a real pub for real people - it even describes itself as such on the menu, but it's right on the money.

Stepping inside is like taking a trip through time in the best possible way. The drinks are plentiful, the atmosphere friendly and the food simple but hearty - like the place itself.