THE Giggling Squid offers a wonderful array of beautifully prepared Thai food – but visitors should perhaps try ordering less of it than I did.

Variety is something this restaurant does very well, giving diners the option of choosing a selection of smaller ‘tapas’-style servings as an alternative one large dish.

The luxury of choice is backed up by some impressive kitchen work – and generous portion sizes that should delight those with big appetites.

My girlfriend, Zoë, and I visited the chain’s Henley restaurant for a weekday lunch and were impressed by the concise but broad menu.

We were both drawn to the tapas sets, which are three smaller portions of separate dishes served with a portion of jasmine rice.

I opted for the Two Giggling Squids (£11.95), which comes with chicken Massaman curry, salt and pepper squid and lime and chilli beef.

Zoë went for the Wealthy Squid (£11.95, and yes, they all have names like that), which includes lamb massaman curry, shredded duck spring rolls and fish cakes.

We also ordered some prawn crackers (£2.95), Thai chicken wings (£4.95), Thai pork dumplings (£3.95) and chicken satay (£4.50).

These orders, it would transpire, were a mistake – but a happy mistake, like slipping on a £50 note or discovering penicillin.

When the food arrived at the table, delivered by a very friendly waitress, this error became self-evident.

The tapas servings were more substantial than we expected. But, like the brave soldiers we are, we cracked on.

Each of the items were presented beautifully and more than delivered on flavour.

The Massaman curry had a gorgeous nutty tang and the lime and chilly beef offered an interesting taste sensation I’m not sure I’ve experienced before.

However, the highlights for me were probably either the wings or the salt and pepper squid.

I had expected the squid to come out in smaller pieces but was delighted with the large battered meaty chunks.

The wings were crispy, juicy and bursting with flavour. Like the beef, the taste of the wings felt new and fresh.

The Giggling Squid makes a habit of providing classic dishes with an exciting twist. The experience is like going to meet a much-loved old friend and finding them inexplicably wearing a fez.

We made a noble effort but, alas, couldn’t finish it all, and not for lack of trying.

So do go to the Giggling Squid, and do sample as much as you can – but make sure you visit with a big appetite.