THERE’S no point beating around the bush. This was quite simply the best value roast dinner I have ever eaten.

When I told my 12-year-old daughter we were going out for lunch so I could do a review, she urged me to pay a visit to The Ibex.

Ruby had eaten there before, and as somebody who can happily take or leave a roast dinner, the fact she was so determined to go back should have been a clue in itself.

“The roasts are massive, Dad,” she said. “We’ll never eat it all.”

Challenge accepted.

Chaddleworth is a village just over the Oxfordshire border, on the southern slopes of the Berkshire Downs, around seven miles south of Wantage.

The Ibex is tucked away, but really is a delightful building with exposed brickwork and ideally located for those wishing to embark on walks through the countryside.

The menu has a plethora of traditional pub grub favourites, but our minds were focused solely on the Sunday roasts.

Beef, chicken and pork was on the menu, which was priced at just £10 for adults and £5 for under-10s.

We were told you could have either one, two or all three meats – naturally we took that last option.

But what was put in front of us simply blew me away.

A huge pile of meat (four giant pieces of beef, four big slices of pork with crackling, and a huge chicken breast), with three Yorkshire puddings on top, served with around 10 roast potatoes, a huge bowl of carrots, cabbage and broccoli, as well as a big pot of leeks in cheese sauce. And then gravy.

We both just stared at it for a few seconds, wondering where on earth to start.

The meat was cooked to perfection – and between the two of us it soon became very clear that my daughter was going to be correct.

There was no chance of finishing it all.

We did somehow manage to demolish virtually all the meat, but there were plenty of vegetables left over.

Incredibly, when we were offered the option of looking at the dessert menu, Ruby decided she needed something ‘for the separate pudding tummy that everyone has’.

And then we were told all were half price (usually £6 each), so I caved in too.

Ruby opted for some simple ice cream, while I went for the homemade mango and lime cheesecake.

It was sensational, but sheer greed on my part.

I will certainly be back, and if you are looking for somewhere different to try, this is the place to go.

l The Ibex, Chaddleworth, RG20 7ER, 01488 638311 or