MY first visit to Mollie's diner, shortly after its opening at the end of January, left me disappointed.

I had eagerly filled one of the squishy green booths with friends for dinner, but a chewy bun and lukewarm meat led me to suspect that my burger had been left out for too long and reheated.

Seven months on, I revisited for breakfast, in pursuit of a more positive experience.

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It was not my first choice - we had stopped in Faringdon in search of a cafe, but unfortunately everywhere was shut for the bank holiday.

Mollie's appeared like a mirage as we drove on, a welcome break from the overgrown bushes and roadkill that generally flank the A420.

We made the most of the weather by sitting in the shaded outdoor area, which is a peaceful spot aside from the rumble of the A-road a few metres away.

Our waiter was impressively chirpy given that he had been lumped with the bank holiday shift, serving us with charisma and advising other customers about good pubs and popular attractions nearby.

Given that the diner is affiliated the exclusive Soho Farmhouse in West Oxfordshire, frequented by celebrities and royalty, I was pleasantly surprised by how affordable the breakfast menu is.

Any breakfast bap is £6, or £7 with a hot drink - I ordered one with smoked salmon, cream cheese and fried egg, with a flat white.

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Tom chose corned beef hash with fried potatoes, onions and eggs (£9), and we greedily ordered pancakes with mixed berries to share (£7).

Our waiter memorised the entire order without writing anything down - impressive, if slightly unnerving.

Coffee came first, which was strong and smooth but a bit cold.

Food was not far behind and, with the first bite, I was glad I had risked returning here.

The egg yolk was not oozy, but the combination of toasted bap, soft slivers of salmon and creamy cheese was delicious nonetheless.

Tom's beef hash was equally tasty, with perfectly-cooked eggs that bled golden yolk, and crispy fried onions adding texture.

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The pancakes had a slightly dense structure and the creme fraiche topping had curdled in places, but the sweet sauce with bursts of tangy redcurrants overshadowed the faults - we happily polished it all off.

Service slid towards the end, with a 15-minute wait between getting the bill and the card machine being brought over, but in fairness a large party had arrived and the waiter was apologetic when he realised.

If you tried Mollie's months ago and were unsure, give it it one more chance.

Mollie's Diner and Motel, A420, Buckland, 01367 707777.