THE word soufflé frightens some cooks. Soufflés are often considered difficult to make and even more difficult to bake, particularly as they have to be served the moment they emerge all puffed and golden from the oven.

This recipe, however, is both easy to make and equally easy to bake. Added to which, the potato soufflés hold their shape so well after cooking that you can freeze them and reheat at a later date.

Served with a white fish and a tomato or cheese sauce, they are simply delicious.

You will need: One lb (450g) potatoes Half bunch spring onions 3oz (75g) grated cheese One oz butter 3 tbspns milk 2 free range eggs Handful parsley leaves - chopped Salt and pepper to season One deep muffin tray - non-stick if possible Method: Turn the oven to 220C/425F or gas mark 7 Grease the muffin tray generously with butter Peel and slice potatoes and boil in salted water until soft While the potatoes are boiling, chop the spring onions quite small, chop the parsley, grate the cheese fine and separate the eggs Drain water from cooked potatoes, add seasoning, butter, milk and 2 ounces of the grated cheese and mash to a smooth paste Lightly whisk the egg yolks and add the mix Toss in the chopped spring onions and chopped parsley Whisk the egg whites until very stiff and stir one third into the potato mix Fold in the remaining egg white with care Spoon the mix into muffin tin (should make about eight) and scatter the remaining cheese on the top of each one, then place into the hot oven The muffins should take about 20 mins to rise and turn a delicious golden brown Serve hot.