BECAUSE a squeeze of lemon heightens the taste of the pancakes we make next Tuesday, I decided to make a lemon-based savoury filling as my Shrove Tuesday offering, and serve pancakes as a main course instead of a pudding.

When I did a trial run of this recipe, we ate them on a cold wet evening while sitting round a roaring log fire - they were delicious and made a nice change.

For two portions you will need: 4 pancakes 2 breasts of chicken Two lemons Small bunch spring onions - cut into pieces One clove garlic - chopped fine Small bunch coriander leaves - chopped Pinch vegetable bouillon powder Flour to dust chicken breasts Oil to fry chicken Salt and freshly-ground black peppercorns to season Method: Cover pancakes and keep in a warm place Grate the rind from one lemon and set to one side, cut lemon in half Remove skin from chicken breasts and cut breasts into reasonably small pieces Dust the chicken pieces with seasoned flour and fry in a little hot oil until they begin to brown Toss in the spring onions and garlic, and allow to cook until the garlic aroma fills the kitchen Add the grated lemon zest and, having cut the lemon in half, squeeze all the juice into the pan, stirring as you go Add a little water to thin the lemon flavour, stir in a generous pinch of bouillon powder and coriander, and taste, adjusting flavour with a little more lemon, water or seasoning, according to your likes Remove from heat, divide the mix between the four pancakes, roll each up and pour any juices left in the pan over the filled pancakes. Serve with wedges of the remaining lemon.