CHOUX buns are really easy to make, providing you remember that they need to be put straight into a very hot oven. If you put them into a warm oven, you will end up with a tray of soggy biscuits that are fit for nothing.

By making a batch of 24 buns, which is what you should get from this recipe, you can use some fresh and freeze the rest, as they freeze remarkably well and thaw rapidly.

Try filling them with any soft summer fruit and a spoonful of ice cream instead of cream for a delicous change.

You will need: 4oz (125g) butter 4oz (125g) plain flour Half-pint water 4 free range eggs Pinch salt For filling: 150ml double cream Raspberries Method: First turn your oven to 220C/425F or gas mark 7 Grease and flour a large flat baking tray to prevent the buns from sticking as they cook Place the water and butter into a saucepan and heat until the butter has melted Stir in the flour and salt, and stir really well over a moderate heat until the mix begins to form into a soft ball Remove from the heat and beat in the eggs one by one. At this stage you should have a smooth shiny paste Using a couple of spoons or a piping bag, place rounds of the paste on the greased tray. Size is up to you, as long as you remember that if cooked properly, they will double in size, so leave enough room for them to expand Bake in hot oven for ten minutes and then, WITHOUT opening the oven door, turn the heat down to 190C/375F or gas mark 5 Leave to cook a further ten minutes before carefully opening the oven door. When they are golden brown and puffed to twice their original size, they are done For best effect, turn the oven off when they are done and allow them to remain in the oven with the door open for another ten minutes to dry out Make an incision in the side of each bun and fill with whipped cream and oodles of fresh raspberries, then decorate with a dusting of icing sugar Serve with a raspberry sauce or a hot chocolate sauce.