TWO brands are hoping to get their names well known in Didcot with a pop-up shop.

Kuda and Pip & Pantalaimon have been given a temporary home by South Oxfordshire District Council at the shop in Broadway.

The store, which houses both brands will be open for about eight weeks to build up a customer base.

Kuda, which sells items including handbags, scarves and jewellery, is run by Jeanette Starts, while Pip & Pantamailon sells handmade products like lingerie, aprons, cushions and bunting.

Pippa Smith, of Pip & Pantalaimon, said: “This is the first time for both of us. We both sell online but we thought we would give this a go to test it out and promote ourselves.

“We’ve had a really good reaction from this so far and one or both of us might open up a permanent shop early next year.”